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Dark Angel

Come On, Karoi~

Ask Archy whatever the hell is going on

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Karoi, December 15th, 2010, 8:15 am

I...I don't know Ask Archy what's going on. I...I have no clue, man.

Anyway, I came up with a new idea. :D (cuz, I'm the idea maker...well, the GOOD one)

See my white T-shirt? Notice how in the first comic I wore it, it was of Okami. Well, my idea is that the shirt changes it's logo to that of something eles every panel! :D

So, here ya go~

T-Shirt's logos: DISGAEA, Nothing (since my arms were over it! :D), and Pacman.

CAMEOS: Ben Tennyson

Maybe I should take Ben off the list. Won't be long till Archy makes him an official character.

HOLY CRAP NO, ARCHY!! DON'T! (we'll get sued!!)

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Arch Angel, December 15th, 2010, 7:19 pm

TOO BAD!~! so sad~ yes, he is gonna become a official character~ o7o

and on the shirt that ur arms cover, it says "yaoi 4eva!~"


Karoi, December 16th, 2010, 1:26 am

No! He can't be a character, that's copywrite, and we'll get sued!!


Well, you will. I'll leave the comic the day before it happens. :D

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